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RV Pro RVP092900 - RV Pump Converter Winterizing Kit

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Winterizing your beloved RV or boat for the cold season has never been easier, thanks to our specially curated Pump Converter Winterizing Kit. Say goodbye to the headaches and stress that come with the seasonal transition – this comprehensive kit is designed to simplify the entire process, ensuring that your water pipes are fully protected against the harsh chill of winter.

Inside this kit, you'll find everything you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively:
  1. Three-Way Valve: The heart of our kit, this high-quality three-way valve is engineered to perfection. Crafted from durable materials, it boasts robust construction that can withstand even the toughest winter conditions. The three-way valve acts as the central control point for the entire winterization process, allowing you to seamlessly redirect water flow from your boat or RV's pump to the antifreeze. Its intuitive design ensures you won't need to be a plumbing expert to use it – just turn the valve and watch the magic happen!
  2. Hose: Our kit includes a sturdy and flexible hose that is tailor-made for winterization purposes. It's the ideal length to reach those hard-to-access areas of your plumbing system, making sure that no inch is left unprotected. Made from premium materials, this hose is designed to resist cold temperatures and can easily handle the flow of antifreeze to ensure thorough coverage within your pipes.
  3. Two Plastic Components: These versatile plastic components are key players in the winterization game. Crafted with precision, they are engineered to fit snugly into your RV or boat's plumbing system. One component acts as the crucial connector between the hose and the three-way valve, while the other ensures a seamless transition between the valve and your water pump. Their durability ensures that they can endure the rigors of winterization season after season.
  4. PTFE Tape: As any seasoned DIY enthusiast knows, PTFE tape is an indispensable tool for creating watertight seals. We've included a roll of high-quality PTFE tape in our kit, ensuring that you can achieve leak-free connections throughout your winterization process. It's the finishing touch that guarantees your plumbing system will be completely safeguarded against freezing temperatures.
Simplified Winterization: With our Pump Converter Winterizing Kit, the process of winterizing your RV or boat couldn't be simpler. Gone are the days of fumbling through complicated instructions or hunting for additional parts.

Our kit brings convenience to your doorstep, making the transition from summer adventures to winter storage smooth and stress-free.

By utilizing your boat or RV's water pump in conjunction with our kit, you can effortlessly fill your pipes with antifreeze, ensuring that no water remains to freeze and potentially cause costly damage during the colder months. With the turn of a valve and a steady flow of antifreeze, your plumbing system will be expertly protected, safeguarding your investment and giving you peace of mind.

Don't let winterization be a daunting task any longer. Trust in our Pump Converter Winterizing Kit to make the process a breeze. Order yours today and get ready to enjoy a winter worry-free, knowing that your RV or boat is properly winterized and protected from the harshest of weather conditions. Prepare for the cold with confidence, thanks to our comprehensive kit – your trusted companion for all your winterization needs.

Kit including:
  • 1x three-way valve size 1/2" NPT male, made of low lead brass
  • 1x PVC tube O.D. 15mm with 1/2" NPT female fitting, length 83cm
  • 1x dual female fitting 1/2" NPT, made of POM
  • 1x PTFE thread seal tape of 150cm long
  • No more antifreeze in the grease water tank
  • A must every RV or camper should install on the input side of water pump
  • Makes winterising an RV simple


Brand:RV Pro
Manufacturer Part #:RVP092900


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