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RV Pro RVP140065 - (10) Leveling Blocks & Bag

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VR leveling blocks are an effective solution for all RV owners who are looking to balance their vehicle on uneven terrain. The set of 10 blocks offers a multitude of options for leveling single wheels, dual wheels, hydraulic jacks, RV jacks, and tandem axles.
  • These blocks are designed to offer maximum customization of the leveling process, allowing users to stack the blocks to their desired height. By using these leveling blocks, you can easily adjust the tilt of your RV according to the terrain you're on, ensuring a comfortable and safe camping experience.
  • Each block measures 8.6 inches in length, 6.5 inches in width, and 1.3 inches in height, making them easily portable and suitable for a variety of camping situations. Thanks to their sturdy and durable design, these blocks can support the weight of your RV without deforming or breaking.
In summary, if you're looking to level your RV on uneven terrain, VR leveling blocks are a simple solution.


Brand:RV Pro
Manufacturer Part #:RVP140065


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