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RV Pro 20-2079 - RV 12" Adaptor 15A Male to 30A Female Detachable

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Introducing the Heavy Duty "Dogbone" RV Power Cord Adapter with LED Indicator - the perfect solution for all your RV power needs. This high-quality adapter is designed to convert a Nema 5-15P male plug to a L5-30R female locking connector, with a 125V / 3,750W rating, making it ideal for heavy duty RV power applications.
  • Constructed with heavy duty 3-wire 10-gauge 100% copper wires in PVC rubber for maximum corrosion and overheating resistance, this adapter is built to last. The 12" total length of the adapter is compact yet effective, making it easy to connect your RV to any power source.
  • One of the standout features of this adapter is the LED power indicator, which allows you to easily see when the power is flowing to your RV. This is especially useful when you're setting up camp in low light conditions or when you need to quickly identify if the power is on or off.
  • With a maximum capacity of 125V @ 30A and 3,750 watts, this adapter has the power to handle all your RV power needs. Whether you're camping off the grid or staying at an RV park, this adapter provides a reliable and convenient way to connect your RV to the power source.
In summary, the Heavy Duty "Dogbone" RV Power Cord Adapter with LED Indicator is a top-quality adapter that provides reliable power and convenience for your RV. With its heavy duty construction, LED power indicator, and impressive capacity, this adapter is a must-have for any serious RV enthusiast.


Brand:RV Pro
Manufacturer Part #:20-2079
Male End Type:NEMA 5-15P
Female End Type:NEMA L5-30R
Cord Length:12"


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